Andrea Casarin

Andrea Casarin

Published on: 5/25/2024, 9:55:32 AM - Reading time: 2 minutes

Docker and docker compose resource management

As developers, we're always striving to create environments that mimic production settings as closely as possible. When deploying with a simple Docker Compose setup, you might be surprised at just how granularly you can manage resources. This is especially true when dealing with issues that only appear under heavy loads in production. I recently encountered such an issue on a project I'd been working on. The problem only showed up in production, and it took me digging into Docker Compose resou

Published on: 5/4/2024, 9:08:48 AM - Reading time: 3 minutes

Grafana Agent(s), meets Alloy

As an indie software developer, I frequently have to deploy monitoring solutions for software I develop or support. I recently had the pleasure of exploring the evolution of Grafana from a visualization tool to a comprehensive monitoring suite with various modules. In this article, we'll dive into its collector and explore the journey of migrating to the new Alloy agent. Introducing Alloy Collector Alloy is the latest addition to the Grafana ecosystem, offering enhanced performance and scal

Published on: 3/28/2024, 12:45:23 PM - Reading time: 2 minutes

Caddy: an Nginx - Traefik - HAProxy alternative

Are you tired of adding tools to your Kubernetes clusters? Do you want a more integrated and straightforward approach to ingress control? Look no further than Caddy, an Nginx, Traefik, and HAProxy alternative. In this article, we'll explore how Caddy could simplify your Kubernetes management tasks while providing advanced features like caching and automatic HTTPS. As someone who is using Nginx as ingress for K8S with cert manager to manage HTTPS, I understand the struggle of managing multiple t

Published on: 2/28/2024, 3:41:16 PM - Reading time: 3 minutes

Understanding Kubernetes Service Access Types

Understanding Kubernetes service access types has been tough for me. It felt confusing and overwhelming at times. So, I decided to write this article to help others who might feel the same way. My goal is to break down these concepts into simpler terms. I hope to make it easier for you to get a handle on how to use these services in your own projects. Let's dive into the three main types of Kubernetes services: ClusterIP, NodePort, and LoadBalancer, providing insights into their use cases, advan

Published on: 1/23/2024, 12:00:36 AM - Reading time: 2 minutes

OpenAI launches the GPT Store

Introduction to the GPT Store The GPT Store marks a revolutionary step in the AI world, introducing a unique platform where innovative GPTs crafted by community developers come to life. This initiative by OpenAI transforms how we access and leverage Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs), making cutting-edge AI technology more accessible. The store serves as a digital marketplace, showcasing a diverse range of GPT applications, from enhancing productivity to revolutionizing education and l

Published on: 12/18/2023, 5:56:59 PM - Reading time: 1 minute


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Published on: 12/9/2023, 2:40:16 PM - Reading time: 2 minutes

Kubernetes, my DevOps Stack

Introduction to Kubernetes Kubernetes, often abbreviated as K8s, is an open-source container orchestration platform that automates the deployment, scaling, and management of applications. As a pivotal aspect of DevOps, it allows expansive control over containerized applications and services. Kubernetes' proliferating popularity is indicative of its robust framework and broad ecosystem. However, Kubernetes is a double-edged sword—its sheer complexity can be overwhelming. This complexity can,

Published on: 11/11/2023, 12:01:18 PM - Reading time: 3 minutes

Getting started with Python and Pandas

Python has established itself as as a reputable language in the realms of scripting and programming. Of all the sectors, data science stands out as one where Python has shown great promise, mainly attributable to its library Pandas. Arguably, one of the most utilized Python libraries for data manipulation, Pandas have grown in popularity, given its powerful features and direct compatibility with Excel for Python coding. This has enabled it to reach a wide audience, making data science fascinatin

Published on: 10/15/2023, 3:52:36 PM - Reading time: 2 minutes

The one trick to fix Ansible errors output

As long as everything is all right My job involves a lot of things, but managing infrastructure as code using Ansible holds a special spot in my heart. Each day is driven by the thrill of seeing ansible's efficiency and how easily it simplifies tasks over the traditional scripts. Not limited to just managing infrastructure, Ansible has proven invaluable for an assorted variety of tasks. From configuration management, application deployment, to orchestrating complex IT tasks. It plays a cruci

Published on: 9/8/2023, 4:15:00 PM - Reading time: 2 minutes

Autonomous AI Agents in minutes

Introduction to Autonomous AI Agents Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize the technology landscape, with one of the most promising advancements being Autonomous AI Agents. Autonomous AI agents are systems powered by AI that can make decisions on their own and take actions to achieve specific goals, without any human intervention. Given their ability to self-direct, they are at the cutting edge of AI development. This article will delve deeper into the concept of autonomous A

Published on: 8/12/2023, 3:00:18 PM - Reading time: 2 minutes

Ruby on Rails and JS, an hard relationship

Since RoR 4, the management of JavaScript in Ruby on Rails has undergone several evolutions over the years. Initially, the Rails asset pipeline, powered by Sprockets, handled JavaScript files along with other static assets. Then came the Webpacker gem in Rails 5.1, offering a more modern approach to handling JavaScript, leaning into the JavaScript ecosystem with npm and Webpack. Most recently, Rails 7 introduced a new method with Importmap, which simplifies JavaScript management by allowing dire

Published on: 7/9/2023, 1:13:22 PM - Reading time: 2 minutes

VIM for fun and profit

Coming from Visual Studio Code For Visual Studio Code (VS Code) users who are seeking to expand their coding capabilities, exploring Vim can be a transformative experience. Vim, a powerful and highly customizable text editor, offers a unique approach to code editing that focuses on efficiency, speed, and minimalism. While VS Code provides a rich and user-friendly integrated development environment (IDE), Vim takes a different approach by providing a lightweight and keyboard-centric editing exp

Published on: 6/10/2023, 11:30:22 AM - Reading time: 3 minutes

Testing Rails Applications Frontend Using Capybara and Selenium on Docker

Modern web applications rely on dynamic content, interactive features, and responsive designs to provide a seamless user experience. Ensuring that these applications perform optimally requires extensive testing of both the frontend and backend components. For Rails applications, Capybara and Selenium WebDriver are commonly used tools for testing frontend functionality, while Docker provides a lightweight containerization platform for easy deployment and scaling of your application. This guide w

Published on: 5/13/2023, 1:32:22 PM - Reading time: 1 minute

Ruby on Rails cache poisoning

The cache poisoning attack is a sophisticated method used by hackers to manipulate data in a server's cache. This article discusses one of the most common cache poisoning attacks that exploit the HTTP X-Forwarded-Host header. This type of attack is particularly insidious because it can result in the display of harmful content to users, data manipulation, or theft of sensitive information. The HTTP X-Forwarded-Host header is commonly used in network environments where a proxy server or load bala

Published on: 4/8/2023, 10:12:46 AM - Reading time: 2 minutes

Docker for Mac 98% faster with VirtIOfs

If you are a developer who uses Docker Desktop on your Mac, you might have noticed that it can be quite slow when it comes to file sharing between the host and the guest operating systems. This can affect the performance and responsiveness of your applications, especially if they rely on a lot of disk IO operations. Fortunately, there is a new feature that can significantly improve the file sharing speed and make your development experience much smoother: VirtIOfs. VirtIOfs is a virtualization