Andrea Casarin

Andrea Casarin

I’m software engineer with system operation skills. I’m able to organize myself and a small team if needed. I’m currently working as a freelance with medium-sized business and I have a background both as a founder and an employee.

Work experience

Freelance: developer, system operations.

01/01/2017 – present at Andrea Casarin
Backend development, system operations. Please find the most relevant projects at:

Co-founder: developer, system operations.

01/01/2011 – 01/01/2017 at Pixelperfect s.n.c., Padova (PD) Italy
Co-founder. Pixelperfect was a web agency based in Padua (Italy), we delivered quite a lot of web sites and taked care of maintenance and promotion of those.

Employee: developer, system operations.

01/01/2008 – 01/01/2011 at Webster s.r.l., Limena (PD) Italy
Webster is an online bookstore, I worked as a developer in a small team to maintain and improve the core platform (, I also started to work on some minor system operations.

Employee: developer.

01/01/2006 – 01/01/2008 at Italia Adverlab, Padova (PD) Italy
Italia Adverlab is a small web agency, Is team member to create, maintain and improve some medium size websites.

Employee: technical salesperson.

01/01/2005 – 31/12/2005 at TIM S.p.A., Milano (MI) Italy
Tim is an Italian mobile operator, I was in charge to deal with Mobile Number Portability and new contracts subscriptions. I worked in an official brand store.

Education and Training

Social Media Marketing.

01/10/2017-31/10/2017 – Lab Network, Padova (PD) Italy
Marketing, social media, content creation.

Arduino e IoT.

01/05/2017-31/05/2017 – Lab Network, Padova (PD) Italy
Electronic, informatics, networking, IoT.

La mucca viola.

01/04/2011 – 31/5/2011 at Camera di Commercio, Padova (PD) Italy
Business planning, marketing.

Futuri imprenditori.

01/01/2011 – 31/1/2011 at Camera di Commercio, Padova (PD) Italy
Accounting, business planning, marketing

Secondary School Diploma in IT.

01/01/2000 – 01/01/2005 at I.T.I.S. F. Severi, Padova (PD) Italy
Informatics, Systems, Electronic. Evaluation 81/100

Personal skills

Mother tongue


Other languages

  • Understanding: listening B2, reading B2.
  • Speaking: spoken interaction B2, spoken production B2.
  • Writing: B2.

Communication skills

Basic sales skills gained through my experience as founder and freelance. Strong technical communication skills developed working with different teams and companies both in Italian and English.

Organizational / managerial skills

Good organizational and leadership skills gained as a founder and as a freelance. I had experience working alone, with collaborators and as a team leader. I had experience as team leader for an online game (World of Warcraft) managing 20+ people in a competitive environment (top 5 in Italy).

Job – related skills

  • backend development (php, ruby, js, sql, shell scripting);
  • orchestration (ansible, kubernetes, terraform);
  • virtualization (docker, kvm, xen);
  • systems (gnu-linux, free/openbsd, macos);
  • cloud (aws).
  • frontend development (html, css, sass, js);
  • development in other languages (python, c, java).

Digital skills

  • Information processing: proficient user.
  • Communication: proficient user.
  • Content creation: indipendent user.
  • Safety: proficient user.
  • Problem solving: proficient user.

Driving licence