Andrea Casarin

Andrea Casarin

Published on: 2/7/2022, 8:33:45 AM - Reading time: 1 minute

DevPresto resources for developers

DevPresto is a fast online resource collection for developers.

It features some tools (like markup formatting, sql formatting, md5 calculation) and will host a series of hand-picked guides and tutorials.

It aims to be a useful website for everyday development or system administration.

Most of our favorite instruments live in our editor/terminal of choice, but sometimes you just need a quick tool to be able to share or check something on the go. I've been there a few times.

I used to search Google for a json formatter or an md5 calculator from my phone, just to find out that most of those results were not usable on mobile, or slow, or both.

So I decided to assemble my own online toolset in my spare time, and that's how DevPresto began to take shape. In that regard I'd like to thanks the whole open-source community which helped me a lot.

It's a microservice based application, the backend is written in JS on NodeJS with Express, the frontend is Vue based with Nuxt.js.

It's currently running on a Kubernetes cluster deployed via Kops on AWS, it makes use of Skaffold to manage it's deployment via Gitlab CI.

Since I's a side-project I can't assure timely responses but feel free to report any bug or submit a request by email to: info at devpresto dot com, I might make it open source if it gains some traction.